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There is an easy way for e-export

With ShipEntegra, you can integrate and manage your stores on Ebay, Amazon, Spofiy, Etsy, WooCommerce, PretaShop, Magento, Walmart, Opencart, Wish, Wix with a single screen. ShipEntegra has been designed to optimize your workflow. When you use our software and logistics services, you will have access to the easiest way to plan your shipments, create labels and then track them. With the ShipEntegra panel, you will minimize the time you spend on all operational processes, so you can focus on reducing your costs and growing your business.

How to Use ShipEntegra?

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Membership and Integration

Integrate your online stores on the e-commerce sales platform into your ShipEntegra account by creating a membership in ShipEntegra and using its panel.

Shipping Management

If you want to benefit from the affordable logistics solutions of ShipEntegra, it will be sufficient to select your orders as single or multiple and create a shipment. All necessary documents will be prepared in digital environments and you will get rid of manual errors with integration.

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Shipment Tracking

You can send your tracking numbers to your stores within seconds with a single 'click' & then you can track all your shipments on a single screen.

1-Choose the country you want to ship
2-Enter your package dimensions

* While calculating the weight of the shipments, the weight on the scale and the volumetric weight (desi) are taken as basis. (Length * Width * Height) / 5000 = Weight

* Compare the current weight of the package with its volumetric weight. The heavier of the two weights is the billable weight and must be used to calculate the price.

* Your shipments may not require customs clearance. Customs fees and taxes are calculated based on the content and value of your items and your country's regulations.

* For tax and duty information or other questions, please contact our customer service team.

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Shipment Tracking

You can send your tracking numbers to your stores within seconds with a single 'click' & then you can track all your shipments on a single screen.

Privileges of Using ShipEntegra

No more Copy and Paste!

No more manual operation, integrate and all the order information will be synchronized automatically.

‘0’ Errors

Eliminate all the errors caused by manual work with our seamless integration.

Affordable Shipping Prices

Work with the world's leading global Express carrier companies with competitive price advantages.

Customs Forms

Easly prepare all the customs documents with our online tool.

Ship & Notify

Send the tracking numbers of your shipments to your marketplaces within seconds.

Shipment Tracking

Track your shipment on a single panel and view the status of your shipments instantly.

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